Candle Filters are very well suited for handling flammable, toxic and corrosive materials since they are autoclaved and designed for hazardous environments when high pressure and safe operation are required. Likewise, they may be readily jacketed for applications whenever hot or cold temperatures are to be preserved. These features are not possible on Filterpresses which require the opening of plates to the atmosphere by one to allow cake discharge at the end of each cycle.

Candle Filters are available in all sizes and the larger types may have an area of 200 m2 and contain 250 or more filtering elements installed in a 2.5 to 3.0 meter diameter vessels. The operating pressure range is quite wide but most of the Candle Filters operate at a pressure of 6 bars


•    Recovery of catalysts, like Nickel, Platunum, Palladium etc
•    Removal of activated carbon, charcoal in pharma plants
•    Bleaching earth removal in Vegetable oil plants
•    Resin filtration
•    All types of polishing applications
•    Filtration of hazardous liquids and many more.

For precoat filtration system and complete catalyst recovery system using “Clearsep” Candle Filter mail us today with your application details

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